Privacy Policy

After reading an article by Christopher Wray titled Should you use a no-code tool to build a web app?, I've decided to be as transparent as possible regarding where your data goes and what we are using it for.

When you visit this website, your location and user agent is sent to Google Analytics.

When you sign up for a Community Member account, the data you enter into the signup form is sent to Memberstack. (You can read their Data Processing Addendum here.) If you sign up for a paid membership, your credit card details and the payment processing is sent to and handled by Stripe.

From there, we have set up a Zapier "zap" that sends your data from Memberstack to:

  1. Webflow to be saved in a Collection,
  2. Mailchimp to be kept in a mailing list,
  3. to invite you to the chat board,
  4. Google sheet to keep track of how active you are in the chat board for future perks.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we are handling your data, feel free to contact the team here.