Being Curious, Leading with Empathy, & Creating Relatability

Being Curious, Leading with Empathy, & Creating Relatability

It was never a perfect journey to get here, today. Roving and wandering about asking questions that ended up in a place that I’ve never thought existed in our time and universe.

"How do I see what's on your computer on MY computer!?"

Whether you give a crap or not, we all have a backstory that began with expanding an idea beyond what we currently understood to be true at the time. For me, it was “how the… what the… how did you…." when I was first introduced to a website at the age of thirteen by a friend who built the first website I’ve ever seen built by someone I knew!

By age 16, I began teaching code and my fandom was a complete accident. I just wanted to show how amazing web design was, but I was just trying to create people’s interest out of curiosity.

I’ve failed forward for the last 25 years of building websites, as I didn’t always find these three pillars of Pixel Geek available along my journey of taking what was in my head and making it “real” on the world-wide-web. This, my friends, is how we got here today, in front of you and teaching you to face your fears around web design & the building process. 

Fast forward to many interesting opportunities to teach the world what I've learned from diving into Webflow, feet first, including lots of failed attempts to make things work. I have picked up along the way some takeaways and lessons that I really would love to share with you:

The Pixel Geek Approach to Web Development & Design - and life in general: 

Not being scared to learn, click on something, wonder: “what is this thing and what is working and how?” and how to pass that knowledge forward to the community of no-coders.  

And wherever we go, being honest every step of the way


3 Things that make Web Design a HUMAN experience

Re-read the title: the three most important elements of everything we do here at Pixel Geek. It may seem simple enough to ask questions, be a kind human, and connect the world together. Almost as simple as landing on Mars, right?

Making the most out of your journey as a marketer, web developer, or designer can take a lot of self-exploration and curiosity that comes with so much more than a step-by-step guide or a checklist of best practices. Especially when learning how to create what’s in your head into a real-life virtual website. 

To dive all in to understanding the how to use internet to communicate your stellar ideas, building websites, and mastering Webflow, these three pillars of our brand have used all of our stargazing and trailblazing to combine what I know to be the most helpful into one place- the Pixel Geek Community! 

This curiosity led me to being in front of you today as I wanted my journey to be relatable. 
Being in community, sharing resources and ideas, and furthering each other’s curiosity, just like my friend introduced me to decades ago embeds our last pillar of  empathy into everything we do to lift each other up! 

I would love for you to come on this experiential journey with me - to learn something new, laugh with me when we fail LIVE in public on a couple of new directions we explore together, and be in the Pixel Geek Community as a new student of our Virtual Development Course called, Kick-Off Your Non-Perfect Journey. 

Let's make the web beautiful, together!