No Code Awards

an awards program that celebrates the humans behind beautiful no code projects

Diversity and inclusion

This awards program is for everyone who loves to create using any no code tools. If you are proud of any one of your projects that you have created this year, we invite you to join in and submit it!

Speaking of diversity, we also have a diverse panel of judges that will choose the winners.

Meet the judgesMeet the Guest Judges
Ben Tossell
Emily Lonetto
Amina Foon
Johnnie Gomez
Lachlan Kirkwood
Jessica Cruz
Jcruz Designs


  • (12) Pixel Geek shirts & mugs
  • (12) 3-month coupon on any plan
  • (4) 12-month coupon on any plan
  • (4) memberships
  • (4) MakerThread shirts
  • Promotion on a future No-Code Report email blast
  • (12) discounts
Full prize details

Rules and details

Updated on 10/11/2020

This is the first time we are doing this, so please do not hesitate to give us feedback on any of these rules, please post it on our chat board.

Project requirements

  • The project must be made using no code tools. (See list of acceptable tools.)
  • The project must be a website or web app. Mobile device apps are not allowed.
  • The project must have been created and launched this year
  • Your project must be submitted before October 12th, 2020 - 8am Pacific. (This has been extended based on a community vote.)
  • You can only submit one project in one category
  • Pixel Geek Volunteers cannot submit a project or compete in this program

Member and voting requirements

  • You must have created a Pixel Geek Community account (any tier) on or before October 11th, 2020 - 8am Pacific (this requirement has been updated on 10/08/2020)
  • You must have your public profile page activated and filled out
  • You can only vote once per round

Categories and Divisions

  • There will be three categories and two divisions
  • UX category - for websites with a clean design and streamlined user experience
  • Functionality category - for websites that have API integrations with multiple platforms like Zapier, Airtable, memberstack, etc. (You must show screenshot proof of any automations or "zaps" being used.)
  • Experimental category - for websites with a lot of interactions and animations
  • Solo division - for projects created by and launched by one person
  • Team division - for projects created by and launched by up to three people

Program rounds

  • Round 1 - Open submissions - Voting will be done by Pixel Geek Community members.
  • Round 2 - Semi-Finals - 2 finalists per category and division will move on to this round. Voting will be done by the Pixel Geek Volunteer Team.
  • Round 3 - Finals - 1 finalist per category and division will move on to this round. Voting will be done by our Guest Judges.

Important dates

October 4th - 8am Pacific - Open for submissions!
The official launch of the No Code Awards! Submit your project!
October 11th - 8am Pacific -Round 1
Project submissions closes and the community starts to vote on their favorites.
October 18th - 8am Pacific - Round 2
Round 1 winners are announced and moves on to Round 2. PGC Volunteer team starts to vote.
October 21st - 8am Pacific - Finals
Round 2 winners are announced and moves on to the finals. Guest judges starts to vote on their favorite.
October 28th - 8am Pacific - Results finalized
Guest judge voting closes.
October 30th - 8am Pacific - Grand winners announced
The results of the Guest judges are revealed.