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"I wanted to tell you that you are a great leader because you set a positive and competent example for people. You make something that’s boring on paper seem really cool and fun."
Aug 18, 2020
Natalia V
"Thank you, Nelson, so much for your lessons! the way you explain - is easy to understand for beginners as I am."
Aug 4, 2020
"Did you clean your room?"
Jul 7, 1997


What is a Pixel Geek?

An honest human that understands that they are part of a collective that makes up the human race. A Pixel Geeks purpose is to continually design digital experiences, learn from each failure and inspire future generations of Pixel Geeks to help make the web beautiful together.

Who created this community?

Six no code geeks who believe in helping others using the power of no code tools.

Nelson - Creator of the Pixel Geek YouTube channel and currently a Customer Success Specialist at Webflow.
Colleen - Solving problems using no code tools. Webflow Sarasota Meetup Co-organizer and I Heart #NoCode founder.
Rocky - Visual designer from Ottawa, Canada
Sara - Nurse -> designer, Founder of SaraNoSocks LLC on a mission to help creatives...create!
Parker - Founder of No-Code Report, Denton Webflow meetup group, and an upcoming Adalo course.

How do I cancel my membership?

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Can I get a refund?

Since anyone can download resources or videos from this site quickly, I have decided not to allow refunds for membership fees. However, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

What are the membership fees being used for?

Currently, the membership fees are going towards paying for various tools to keep this community going (e.g., memberstack, termly, zapier, circle, google domains, and mailchimp.)

In the future, we'd like to use any remaining profits towards a stipend for the volunteers, online no code scholarships for community members, more awards, more perks, and donations to non-profit organizations made in our community's name.

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